RICH Life Challenge

Inspired by my book, Redefine Rich, the RICH Life Challenge is a free, 7-day devotional series aimed to help you live with purpose and discover your identity.

The Challenge will help you:

» Shift your perspective on wealth
» Connect with real life stories
» Join a community of like-minded, positive people
» Cultivate a habit of Bible reading and journaling
» Slow down and begin living on purpose

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What they’re saying:

“Matt Ham is an engaging story teller with a passion for meeting us all right where we are. His exuberant faith is a serious breath of fresh air willing to chase down daylight and wrestle it free from the darkest of circumstances. If you’re ready to hit the reset button, or simply be encouraged to keep moving, The RICH Life Challenge is a great place to start.” —Kevin Adams, Author: The Extravagant Fool

“As I looked back on my year, one week that stood out was the week of the RICH Life Challenge. I had a breakthrough about some key areas of my life after meeting with the Lord so consistently and intentionality.” —Will Irish

“Matt’s stories provide inspiration and the practical steps provide hope.” – Mike Ashcraft, Senor Pastor, Port City Community Church


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