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Four Years Later | A Heartfelt Update From the Desk of Matt Ham

Four years ago, I sat at this exact table I’m writing you from now. I scribbled these questions in my journal: “What am I supposed to do?” “Am I supposed to write?” “Am I supposed to speak?” “Who would listen?” “What will my story be?” Those questions were laced with naivety and fear. I was eager to begin, but I was scared to death of being rejected and I was uncertain in my own identity. I was a stressed out dad […]

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What Breakfast With My Best Friend Taught Me About Success

Jake has been my best friend since birth. He’s that friend, the one I’d bleed for—and as scars would attest, I have. Even though we now live in separate states, we haven’t allowed the distance to separate our friendship. Our pastime is eggs and bacon. That’s what we do. And if there’s one thing about our breakfast summits, the eggs are always served with a side of truth. We hold nothing back. We can’t. The reality of a great friendship […]

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I Finally Realized Why I Wrote My Book

Writing a book is hard. Writing a book that people want to read, now that is an ominous challenge. I suppose that’s why so many people never follow through with it and why so many books get lost in self-published purgatory. Calling myself an author, now that’s just downright absurd to me–mainly because I should have never written a book. And I don’t say that lightly–some tongue-in-cheek comment for the purposes of dramatizing the issue–I truly mean it. In the […]

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Daring to Move Mountains – Conquering Your Everest

The Himalayan peak of Mount Everest rises an astonishing 29,029 feet above sea level—the highest point on Earth. The audacious task of reaching its summit was first attempted in 1921 and, for more than thirty years, unsuccessful attempts were common-place. It left a swath of defeated pioneers in its wake, leading many to believe that it was simply unscalable. That changed in 1953 when a thirty-three year old Englishman set his sights on doing the unthinkable. As the ninth British expedition launched, there […]

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End With The Beginning in Mind

I believe it is time to bare all, to be real and honest with you and with myself, a confessional of sorts. This week was nothing short of amazing. Nearly one hundred additional pre-orders for Redefine Rich The promise of one thousand more is being discussed as a company may want to order copies for their employees The Kindle version of the book launched on Amazon and we climbed on to the Best Seller List for Christian Living I saw my […]

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Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

So there was this one time that I decided to cover a ridiculously awesome acoustic version of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose at an open mic in a smoke-filled biker bar… (Dramatic pause) Jeff Goins was gracious enough to allow me to tell the full story on his site. More importantly, what that experience has taught me as a writer. What a huge privilege to share at goinswriter.com as Jeff  is a well-known and respected author, blogger, creative consultant, and speaker. I’d really appreciate it if […]

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A Few Lessons From Otis Redding’s “(Sitting’ On) The Dock of the Bay”

I recently took a trip to the West Coast and had the opportunity to visit a place on my bucket list: the spot in Sausalito, California where Otis Redding wrote my favorite song, “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” Almost fifty years later, still remembering this man and his song, I had the unique opportunity to visit the place where it came to life in his mind. My time there caused me to ponder some deep thoughts about life and legacy. Too […]

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