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Baptism, The Goodness of God, and Our Need For Revival

On July 15, 2017, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Wrightsville Beach, I was baptized by my dear friend, Kevin Adams. Then, I had the honor and privilege of baptizing my oldest son, Matthew, and my mom, Mary Grey. To celebrate, we put together a short video below. For me, this event marks a new chapter in my life—a stepping in to my calling to pastor and lead people for God’s purposes. It’s because of this vision and because […]

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What Are We Teaching Our Children?

This April, my wife and I will have been married for twelve years. And I’ve spent the majority of those twelve years bouncing back and forth on the pendulum of pleasing her and simply shutting off. It’s an exhaustive charade that has robbed me of peace and caused me to fall into the trap of loving her circumstantially. I treasure the fact that she challenges me and pushes me beyond my comfort zone, but it grates on every last nerve. For more than thirty years, I’ve been […]

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Three Things You Must Do Before You Pick A Word

One of the greatest practices that I have embraced in recent years is picking a word. It provides incredible promise, focusing my energy and efforts on what I want to do and who I am becoming. In fact, I even had Mike Ashcraft, the co-author of My One Word, stop by for a guest post (you can check it out here). However, before you join me and countless others in picking a word, stop. Don’t pick a word for this year. […]

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The Country Store – A Short Story

Stephen came to an intersection. A seemingly wrong turn had landed him here. He was off course – the course he intended to take anyway – and all he could think about was the time he was losing. Anxiety began to swell within him as he was itching to get back on track. He hated wrong turns and now he was lost. They’re an odd thing really, wrong turns that is. Slight misjudgments that land you somewhere unintended. Our natural reaction is […]

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What Otis Redding Taught Me About Vision

What do you know about Otis Redding?  Otis Redding (Wiki link) was one of the most influential soul singers of the 1960’s, a black artist emerging in a very challenging time in our country’s history.  He tragically died in a plane crash at 26 years old, just as his star was beginning to shine.  Only a six months earlier, he had closed the Monterey Pop Festival, sharing the stage with acts such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. […]

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A Blind Man Taught me About Vision

I’m not a fan of the dentist, at all. Before you label me as an anti-dentite, just hear me out. It’s not the dentist himself or his hygienist, it’s the process. My impatience meets people messing in my mouth and I get freaked out. Last week, that dreaded visit came. As I pulled into my parking space and jumped out of my car, I was admittedly focused on the fact that I didn’t want to be there. I took no care to engage in […]

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How To Cultivate a Daily Habit of Journaling

My friend, Tom Morris, wrote a book called True Success. In it he imparts ancient wisdom from the philosophers of the past and shares his Seven C’s of Success. Tom has been an inspiration and encourager to me. This morning I wanted to give a tribute to him in my Seven C’s of Journaling! The Power of Journaling Journaling sparks your CREATIVITY Whether you believe it or not, you are creative. The human mind is a powerful thing, but we place […]

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