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The Cost of Success, Embracing Your Day Job, and Living Your Dreams

I moved into the room over the garage at my parent’s house when I was fifteen years old. Complete with its own bathroom and separate from the rest of the house, it felt like I was finally growing up. I was ready for high school, independence, and life on my own. Ten years later, as a broke salesman, my wife and I moved back into that same room over the garage. The real estate bubble had burst and left me […]

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Fruit Doesn’t Grow in the Microwave

With the simple tap of a finger, we have immediate access to a endless stream of information. One of the benefits of accessibility is that it reduces time. Visiting family across the country used to mean a lengthy road trip. With air travel, that was reduced to hours. Now, with the onset of digital technology, we can talk face-to-face in an instant. The progress of consumer-driven culture has countless benefits as it relates to business and communication, but I’m afraid […]

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Why Do We Love To Hate Other’s Success?

Love them or hate them, and most prefer the latter, the Duke Blue Devils have one of the most prolific college basketball programs in the country. However, their fifth National Championship didn’t begin under the lights in Indianapolis. As I watched Duke University defeat Wisconsin last night, I heard the commentator mention something that stuck with me. Tyus Jones, the freshmen sensation and Final Four MVP, was at the free throw line shooting two shots that would maintain a two-possession […]

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It Took Cancer for the Story of Easter to Become More than Just a Story

Classic hymns like The Old Rugged Cross take me back to childhood memories of church, where the organ music echoed throughout the sanctuary and bounced off of the stained-glass windows. I remember being in awe of the majesty and reverence of God back then, but years of hearing the story over and over and seeing the imperfections of religion had a deadening effect on my spirit. As I grew older, ambition and success replaced any subtle notion of God’s love. Sure, I believed. […]

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Success is Rented and the Rent is Due Every Day with Rory Vaden

Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Stitcher Radio Today we are joined by New York Times Best-Selling Author and Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting, Rory Vaden. Rory is all things awesome and I’ve really been learning a lot from him lately. Rory has a great blog, nationally syndicated radio show, and is a world-class speaker. In short, Rory helps people do the things they know they should be doing, even when they don’t want to do them. Rory, what is your response […]

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The Success of the World is not Worth the Significance of Your Soul

Life moves at a feverish pace. The demands of work, of family, of health, of duty, of responsibility drown me in a sea of busyness, yet I keep on running because at the end of that road, maybe I’ll find success. In these moments, the promises of the Bible seem to disappear. They don’t feel relevant in today’s fast-paced world. In these moments, I feel the temptation to turn God’s words upon Himself and profess, “My ways are higher than your […]

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The Knot That Resides in Our Stomach

I have an awesome opportunity tonight to do something I’ve never done. Last year, a good friend asked if I would fill-in on the radio broadcast of my high school’s football game. I obliged and had an awesome time. Tonight, I’ve been asked to don a headset, run the sidelines, and give my best Erin Andrews impression. I will be the on-field commentator for the New Hanover High School Wildcats, my alma mater. Excitement has perfectly mixed with anxiety to […]

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