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The Xennial Micro-Generation: Bridging The Gap

I recently read an article highlighting a study of people born between 1977 and 1983 (via Dan Woodman, Melbourne University). We are Xennials—a micro-generation wedged between Generation X and Generation Y. As someone born in 1981, I consider the article to be spot on. I’ve never felt like I identified with either generation exclusively. Instead, I possess characteristics of both. I vividly remember when our family got our first VCR, car phone and computer. As a kid, I listened to […]

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Too Damn Busy

If you clicked on this post, I assume that we share something in common: we are too damn busy. I just hope that you’re not too busy to keep reading. The other day, I sat down over coffee with a long-time friend. We joked about putting each other off for six months and the reality that we had rescheduled twice. When he asked how things were going, I noticed that, “I’ve been busy,” was my immediate reply. HIs answer was exactly the same. […]

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Not a Bigot

There’s something about the word, bigot, that I don’t particularly care for. It’s an ugly word—a word filled with hate to describe those who hate. But it’s oxymoronic if you think about it. Aren’t those who accuse others of bigotry, in fact, living examples of the definition? Intolerance, even of the intolerant, is still intolerance, right? Quite plainly, I’m not a bigot. But for some reason, it has become common-place for our culture to respond to any type of opposition with […]

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Are You Living In Real Life?

One of my greatest struggles is putting my phone down and embracing real life. Too often, I find myself checking emails, texts, social media, and voicemail instead of being present in my daily life. I was recently called out on this by a co-worker when I stayed on my phone during an entire work presentation. His exact words were, “I know you want to be a public speaker, so how would you feel if someone was on their phone the […]

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