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Have You Ever Watched the Sunrise From the Top of a Volcano?

It’s 2 a.m. in Maui, Hawaii. My wife and I are sluggishly waiting for the bus to pick us up outside of our hotel as we rub the sleep from our eyes. “Remind me who’s idea this was?” Even if my mumble was audible, I don’t expect Liz to answer. I know she’s half asleep too. As the bus pulls up, we step on and join a group of twenty other sleepy-eyed passengers. Our destination is the top of a volcano; […]

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Five Words That Changed My Life

I was thirty-two. My wife and I had grown accustomed to a new definition of marriage, one layered with the responsibilities of raising three boys. The fact that they were all under the age of three just added to the adventure. I was a young professional, focused on building my insurance agency in my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. What happened next changed everything. One morning, I was overcome with a longing to write, as if a story from somewhere […]

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How to Become Rich

Trisha was a dreamer.  She chose to look at all that life could be and celebrated the special moments.  She met people and ideas with excitement. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she dreamed big. Outside of her husband, she wasn’t going to tell anyone and cancer certainly wasn’t going to stop her. In fact, her 38th visit to Disney World, the year she was diagnosed, held the same excitement as her first. It wasn’t until Christmas that year […]

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