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Finding God in the Unexpected | A Christmas Message

When we think about the Christmas story, we often overlook the lineage of Jesus. In haste to meet the baby in the manger, we skip over the long list of too-difficult-to-pronouce names and jump right to the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But in doing so, we miss an integral part of the story. If you read Matthew’s account of Jesus’s genealogy, he includes an incredible description that, until today, I had never noticed. In Matthew 1:6 he says, “the […]

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Learning to be Present

Someone recently asked me how to experience God more fully—more intimately. They said that God felt distant. And life, well, it was a mess. I know that feeling. And while we fear those moments, while those moments make us feel like a bad Christian, I believe those moments provide us with a unique opportunity to truly encounter something divine. Those moments provide us an opportunity to be present. The question is, will we make that choice? My Greatest Struggle As a […]

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My Wife Lost Her Father When She Was Fourteen

We shouldn’t have to watch cancer debilitate our loved ones as we pray to God for healing, only to feel like those prayers have fallen on deaf ears. In a perfect world, little girls walk down the aisle with their father by their side; men shake hands with their soon-to-be father-in-law as he hands over his daughter’s hand in marriage; and eventually, grandfathers enjoy precious time with their grandchildren. But our world isn’t perfect. It’s broken. Visiting Her Father My wife and I were in […]

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