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Yes, They Serve Omelets in Heaven

There are certain people that we immortalize because we can’t imagine a world in which they don’t exist. These are the rare few who have blessed our lives with such abundance that they’ve imprinted themselves into our existence. They are part of our story. That’s how I felt about Ida Jean Mayhew. And I know I’m not alone. It was just too hard to imagine the day when her warm smile and charm wouldn’t welcome me when I walked through […]

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The Importance of Faith Development

I began this blog in the Summer of 2013 as a response to something God was asking me to do. This adventure has produced more than half a million words, fifty speaking engagements, and an enriched perspective on life. More importantly, a calling from God to pastor. But the greatest challenge I see facing Christians today is a willingness to engage the principles of personal development without a willingness to engage in faith development.  I began writing what I thought was going to be […]

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Relevant 2015 – Matt Ham on Purpose

I recently had the incredible privilege to share a short talk on purpose with more than 400 men at Port City Community Church’s Men’s Event called Relevant. Many who were unable to attend have asked me if there was a recording of the video, so I am posting it here. Join me as I discuss the elusive nature of finding purpose, going to the desert, and learning to trust the Father. Relevant 2015 – Matt Ham If you’re struggling to […]

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My First Book: Redefine Rich

Fourteen months ago, it began with a feeling, a calling to write. Since that time, I have been amazed by the journey it has taken me on. Yet, amidst life with three kids, a full-time job, countless decisions, early mornings, ups and downs, and a cancer diagnosis, these words have continued. Who would have thought that five whispered words, You make my life rich, would spark such an incredible adventure? This adventure and newfound perspective is the story that I […]

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A Deeper Perspective [Podcast]

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Redefine Rich just cracked into the top New and Noteworthy on iTunes. This has only been possible because you have listened, shared, and left reviews. Please keep it up – we have a few more weeks to be listed on iTunes in this way. Last week, I gave away five $25 iTunes gift cards for those who left a review. Congrats to April Best, Larry Carter, Claire McLean, Gabe Alvarado, and Lily Kreitinger (shoot me […]

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Wealth vs. Worth [Podcast]

Episode 7: Blessings and Wealth versus Worth Today’s podcast is a response to listener feedback from Beth. If you have questions or thoughts, email them to me at matt@mattham.com and I may feature them on a future episode. Today’s question: “Matt, could you go over the real definition of blessing. I hear so many people talk about their designer jeans or new car as a blessing and I think there’s more to it than that.”   Rich adjective 1. Abounding in […]

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