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Lent, Valentine’s Day and Giving Up On Perfection

Happy Valentine’s Ash Wednesday… For those of you who chose to give up sugar for Lent this year, I’m afraid you didn’t plan ahead. Look at the bright side, you could smear dark chocolate on your forehead and totally get away with it. For those of you who don’t really celebrate either tradition, I’m with you. I’m Lent free for thirty-five of my thirty-six years. I would be a perfect thirty-six for thirty-six but I dated a Catholic girl in […]

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This is a Spiritual Problem | A Call to Awaken Faith in our Cities

In the wake of events like those that recently took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, we are forced to wrestle with the darkest parts of the human condition—a darkness that isn’t only seen in the events themselves, but in the pain and backlash which follow. These moments peel back the veneer of progress and expose the deep wounds that have yet to heal. Looking at the division and hatred that still exists in the United States, is like looking underneath the […]

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We Raise Our Kids to Leave

It’s that time of year when a lot of parents are preparing for their children to leave. The summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. And regardless if it’s kindergarten or college, the emotions are the same. We’re sending someone we love out into the world—a world that doesn’t love them like we do. But despite the sadness and excitement, it’s important for us to remember that we raise our kids to leave. When my son, […]

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America, Lay Down Your Stones

Some mornings, I sit on my front porch and listen to the birds. In the stillness, I find companionship with my coffee and God’s word. Despite the feverish pace of the world, these moments provide solitude. My spirit and soul are nourished. Then, at some point, I grab my phone and scroll through my social media feeds. Peace begins to dissipate. The birds’ chorus fades into a bitter backlash of human emotion as friends, acquaintances and complete strangers destroy each other […]

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American Frankenstein

2016 has brought me to my knees. The news has been horrendous enough, but the subsequent fallout is what has broken me. Like many of my fellow citizens, I’m sadden by the state of our country and at the same time I’m puzzled. I find myself asking, “How did this happen?” As I survey the landscape, I can’t help but think that Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein, is unfolding before our eyes. We’re Dr. Victor Frankenstein, obsessed with bringing something to life to deal […]

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A Letter to Matthew

When my wife was fourteen-years old, she lost her father to cancer. A spot on his tongue spread eventually stealing his capacity to speak, and then, his life. But just before he died, he wrote each of his children a letter. As you can imagine, my wife treasures her letter from her father. After my cancer diagnosis in 2014, I decided to write my children a letter, starting with my oldest, Matthew. I share this letter with you as encouragement to do the same for your children. ◊♦◊ Matthew, […]

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Wealth vs. Worth

The deepest longing of the human soul is the desire to be worthy, the desire to matter, the desire to be loved. However, popular culture has prescribed material flourishing as the end goal of our lives. From a young age we’re taught to get a great job, make lots of money, and retire comfortably. As a husband, father, and provider, this hits me in the throes of life’s greatest struggle. And, as I continue to talk with people from all […]

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