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Don’t Just Do More. Do More On Purpose

What we are doing is never more important than who we are becoming. I wrote that last week, and I still believe that it’s true (you can see that post here), but as I went back and reread it, I feel like I might have led folks to believe that doing isn’t important. Nothing is further from the truth. What you do is incredibly important. In fact, you don’t become anything until you do something–action is what causes change. However, we can’t do […]

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Dinner with a Korean Friend: A Life Lesson You Can’t Fake

Back in my days of real estate sales, I had a certain Korean client who loved to play golf. I knew, or at least I assumed, his interest in our community had little to do with his prospects of buying a home. He was well aware that a ride through the neighborhood to look at homes culminated in a free round of golf. I saw it as a chance to sharpen my sales skills, so I would entertain his request. […]

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A Blind Man Taught me About Vision

I’m not a fan of the dentist, at all. Before you label me as an anti-dentite, just hear me out. It’s not the dentist himself or his hygienist, it’s the process. My impatience meets people messing in my mouth and I get freaked out. Last week, that dreaded visit came. As I pulled into my parking space and jumped out of my car, I was admittedly focused on the fact that I didn’t want to be there. I took no care to engage in […]

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