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The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

Earlier this week, I saw an online guru share the number of website views they have each month as a way to introduce themselves. It was an attempt to validate the scope of their leadership. My initial reaction was, “Holy cow, that’s a lot of influence.” Feelings of insufficiency immediately followed. One million views a month seemed incredible. I quickly discredited my own opportunity for influence, but then I remembered when I first began blogging and 10,000 views seemed unachievable. Whether it is website views or […]

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The Knot That Resides in Our Stomach

I have an awesome opportunity tonight to do something I’ve never done. Last year, a good friend asked if I would fill-in on the radio broadcast of my high school’s football game. I obliged and had an awesome time. Tonight, I’ve been asked to don a headset, run the sidelines, and give my best Erin Andrews impression. I will be the on-field commentator for the New Hanover High School Wildcats, my alma mater. Excitement has perfectly mixed with anxiety to […]

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The Continued Guide to Living Richly: Humble Yourself With Confidence

Humble Yourself With Confidence The phrase almost sounds like a contradiction: Humble yourself with confidence. How could you be confident and humble at the same time? The world would tell you that you can’t have both as it pits them in competition with one another. However, there is a special blend of confidence and humility that is required to obtain the richness we desire. Our society, our culture, has little room for humility. In a world where everyone is out to make […]

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