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Three People You Need in Your Life

I won’t sugar coat the fact that life is hard. There’s no denying that. But too often we try to control our circumstances to avoid the “hard”— like if we eat right or get on a budget, then life will be rainbows and unicorns. By sheer willpower and effectiveness we try  to push through our struggles with a fix-it-myself attitude. But curiously, that mentality has a way of isolating us, and before we know it, we end up alone, buried by our circumstances. But rather than […]

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What Are We Teaching Our Children?

This April, my wife and I will have been married for twelve years. And I’ve spent the majority of those twelve years bouncing back and forth on the pendulum of pleasing her and simply shutting off. It’s an exhaustive charade that has robbed me of peace and caused me to fall into the trap of loving her circumstantially. I treasure the fact that she challenges me and pushes me beyond my comfort zone, but it grates on every last nerve. For more than thirty years, I’ve been […]

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It’s Taken Me Thirty-Five Years to Learn This…

For selfish reasons, being born the week after Christmas has its pitfalls. But the days between Christmas and New Year prove to be a great time for honest reflection. But this year, that reflection hasn’t been so easy. I turned thirty-five years old this week. I have to pause and let it sink in because life has a cruel way of speeding up without warning. Before we can blink, years have passed, our kids are grown up, and we find […]

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You Reap What You Sow

As I watched the aftermath of the Presidential election and the subsequent fallout on social media, I saw emotions ranging from excitement and joy to pure, uninhibited fear. I couldn’t help but think of that suspenseful moment in a reality show where the winner is finally announced. As the confetti falls and the credits roll, our eyes stayed glued to the screen in disbelief of how it is ending. In an odd way, this election will go down as the greatest reality show in history. But […]

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Nobody’s Guru

I remember a movie when I was growing up called, Nobody’s Fool. Although I haven’t seen it, I think it stars the guy whose picture is on the salad dressing bottle in the grocery store. That’s Paul Newman, right? I always confuse him with Robert Redford for some reason. Anyway, I thought about that title this week as my thumb was busy perusing my Twitter feed. I don’t have many followers on Twitter. Perhaps it’s because I don’t play the game […]

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How to Arrange Your Life to Focus on Who You Are Becoming

Our surroundings influence us more than we know. They engage our senses, our conscious and subconscious minds, and they have the power to move us in a certain direction. Are you arranging your life so that your surroundings move you in the direction of your dreams? While I think adaptability is important, I also believe that we need to orchestrate our lives to support who we are becoming. On this episode of the podcast, I talk about my recent closing […]

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Don’t Just Do More. Do More On Purpose

What we are doing is never more important than who we are becoming. I wrote that last week, and I still believe that it’s true (you can see that post here), but as I went back and reread it, I feel like I might have led folks to believe that doing isn’t important. Nothing is further from the truth. What you do is incredibly important. In fact, you don’t become anything until you do something–action is what causes change. However, we can’t do […]

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