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A Greater Hope for Our Nation

Over the past few months, I have given an excessive amount of energy toward calming my fears about the state of our nation. I began to look to politics and the upcoming Presidential race as my source of hope. Maybe if the “right” person was elected, it will solve the problem. The weight of this misplaced hope became an anchor in my life—like I was swimming with something tied around my neck, carrying around a burden that I couldn’t pinpoint. I’d find myself waking up each morning, […]

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America, This Has to Stop

This is a call for American Christians to turn their gaze from the things of this world to the things of God. We, as a collective body, have to return to our Father. I will begin with an honest question: What if we spent as much energy drawing near to God as we spend on politics and social issues? Rest with those words for just a minute. What if every ounce of energy you spent watching the news, scrolling your Facebook […]

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God Isn’t American

Two hundred and forty years ago, ink collided with paper to create one of the most important documents in the history of our world. On July 4, 1776, fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence, a proclamation of freedom from British oppression and an announcement of birth for the United States of America. When these men came together to establish our great country, they included a short, simple phrase which was the foundation for their entire argument. It has been called one of the best-known sentences in […]

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The Role of a Father

It’s 5:30am and my daughter, Sara James, is sitting in her swing beside me. She’s just learned how to touch her tongue to her upper lip and it fascinates her. It fascinates me as well. I love staring into her clear, blue eyes as they cut me to my core. As her father, I feel a sense of gratitude that is inexpressible. When she was born earlier this year, it rekindled something within me that seemed to have been lost in the challenges of […]

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Too Damn Busy

If you clicked on this post, I assume that we share something in common: we are too damn busy. I just hope that you’re not too busy to keep reading. The other day, I sat down over coffee with a long-time friend. We joked about putting each other off for six months and the reality that we had rescheduled twice. When he asked how things were going, I noticed that, “I’ve been busy,” was my immediate reply. HIs answer was exactly the same. […]

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I Wrote One Song That I Never Shared With Anyone, Until Now

Listen to this post on the latest episode of my podcast, Whole Life Matters, or read below. For future podcast episodes, you can subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Google Play Music. Why Are You Running? When I was in college, I developed a love for playing the guitar. Looking back, I’d say that pushing through the pain of callouses served me well. My guitar became a refuge, and a handy resource to pay the bills when I was going […]

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Not a Bigot

There’s something about the word, bigot, that I don’t particularly care for. It’s an ugly word—a word filled with hate to describe those who hate. But it’s oxymoronic if you think about it. Aren’t those who accuse others of bigotry, in fact, living examples of the definition? Intolerance, even of the intolerant, is still intolerance, right? Quite plainly, I’m not a bigot. But for some reason, it has become common-place for our culture to respond to any type of opposition with […]

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