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Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income on Whole Life Matters

I am coming to you live today from Fort Worth, Texas at Podcast Movement 2015. I was lucky enough to win a fifteen minute interview with the man, Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income. Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Stitcher Pat, tell me a little bit about being the opening keynote speaker at this year’s Podcast Movement. “It was an amazing experience. The crowd was super engaging and responsive which helped because I get super nervous before I speak, like […]

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The Gratitude Cycle

A quick look at American culture and many would say that we have become entitled. But is there anything, other than opinion, to back up that claim? When I wrote my first book, Redefine Rich, I focused on stories that helped me reframe wealth and success for a life that truly mattered. But beneath those stories were three key principles or qualities that we must cultivate: gratitude, generosity, and humility. For the past three years, I’ve spoken to thousands of individuals about these principles, […]

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