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Monday Matters: Abundant Courage

On this week’s Monday Matters, I’m sharing encouragement from one of my favorite people, Deborah “Debbie” Sheneman. Debbie lives outside Atlanta, Georgia with her husband of 32 years, Allen.  She has two grown children and is known as Gigi to her four precious grandchildren. Debbie has an unbelievable testimony of faith which includes losing her 11-year old son in a hunting accident 28 years ago; only months after she accepted Christ into her life. Despite the countless questions and real […]

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Why Do You Doubt?

“I wonder where Jesus is?” I thought to myself as I tried to hold the oar steady against the beating waves.  It was unusually rough and we were all working to stay afloat.  The waves created additional turmoil in my mind.  Our brother, John the Baptist, was just beheaded and it rested heavily on my heart. I wondered if my fate would be the same as his? My mind drifted to the hillside earlier in the day. I still can’t […]

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Overcoming Fear, Doubt and Insecurity – How to Fight

I love this picture of a ship sailing into the night.  I took it while in Maui in 2011.  It relates so much to this post.  As the ship heads into the darkness, it cannot lose its course.  It must keep it.  The sun will rise again and light will fill the sky, illuminating the path. Just like this ship, we must not lose our course when the darkness of fear, doubt and insecurity set in.  We must stay true […]

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