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Three Things I Learned at the Wells Fargo Championship

Over the past seven days, the PGA and its patrons descended upon Eagle Point Golf Club in Wilmington, North Carolina. For the first time in more than forty years, the sleepy coastal town of Wilmington played host to a PGA event—The Wells Fargo Championship. And I must say, it was an honor to see my hometown in the national spotlight for something other than Jim Cantore’s latest hurricane update. As Sunday’s dust settled, I think both the professional golf tour […]

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The Role of a Father

It’s 5:30am and my daughter, Sara James, is sitting in her swing beside me. She’s just learned how to touch her tongue to her upper lip and it fascinates her. It fascinates me as well. I love staring into her clear, blue eyes as they cut me to my core. As her father, I feel a sense of gratitude that is inexpressible. When she was born earlier this year, it rekindled something within me that seemed to have been lost in the challenges of […]

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Just Like Dad

My sons have recently developed a desire that has become quite frustrating. Whether they’re going to school, getting ready for church, or simply playing outside, they want to dress just like their dad. They want their shoes to match or to wear the same color shirt. They want to imitate me down to the very last detail. If I had one child, that might be a realistic expectation, but with three boys, it has become downright comical. It’s not at all uncommon […]

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“Pray for your Daughter”

Six years ago, my wife and I were weary from a two-year battle with infertility. A battle that left us resting on our own strength to start a family. A battle we were losing. The Enemy was ever-present, firing a barrage of attacks in an attempt to destroy our marriage. We were sinking and we were afraid. The world told us to give up. Like a boxer, battered from round upon round of relentless beatings, we contemplated throwing in the towel […]

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A Letter to Matthew

When my wife was fourteen-years old, she lost her father to cancer. A spot on his tongue spread eventually stealing his capacity to speak, and then, his life. But just before he died, he wrote each of his children a letter. As you can imagine, my wife treasures her letter from her father. After my cancer diagnosis in 2014, I decided to write my children a letter, starting with my oldest, Matthew. I share this letter with you as encouragement to do the same for your children. ◊♦◊ Matthew, […]

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Parenting is the Most Frustrating (And Rewarding) Part of my Life

Seven years ago, my wife and I were in a barren place, both literally and metaphorically. Our efforts to start a family seemed to be in vain and our marriage was on the rocks. But these past seven years have taught me that difficulty and adversity are common denominators for anything deeply rewarding. At least that’s what I have to remind myself of, now, as a father to four kids under the age of seven. Being a dad is the most frustrating […]

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Becoming Dad

When my wife told our four-year old, MJ, that she was going to have another baby, his eyes widened, his face wrinkled, and he let out a puzzled question, “Mom, does Dad know about this baby?” For a moment, I think he thought that I was going to skip town. Believe me, there have been moments of consideration. There’s been a lot of fear, actually. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to fully love four kids. I’m not sure […]

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