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A Blind Man Taught me About Vision

I’m not a fan of the dentist, at all. Before you label me as an anti-dentite, just hear me out. It’s not the dentist himself or his hygienist, it’s the process. My impatience meets people messing in my mouth and I get freaked out. Last week, that dreaded visit came. As I pulled into my parking space and jumped out of my car, I was admittedly focused on the fact that I didn’t want to be there. I took no care to engage in […]

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My Kid Has Two Hearts? A Twin Story

Someone recently asked me: “Do you have any advice for someone expecting twins?” The transcendence happened immediately. Rather than being the one asking for advice, now, I was the one giving it. Not that I assume I’m in a position to give any advice at all, but this is my attempt. For the first time, I stand on the other side and look back on our craziness. The last three years of my life rushing by in reverse, memories pouring in like water […]

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Wake Up

I pulled the following excerpt from my journal. It was from my first few weeks of college. I was homesick and miserable. I had just moved away from my family and was searching for life on my own. “I feel so far from life…I’m so in between and it’s confusing…I’m too old to be a teenager, I miss those days, but I’m past that now. I’m too young to be an adult…I don’t know if it’s the fear of being […]

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Stand Alone

As if Middle School isn’t Awkward Enough At eleven years old you’re faced with enough change in your life, the last thing you want is more. However, in addition to the internal challenges, I faced an ominous set of external challenges as I embarked into middle school. D.C. Virgo was a revamped inner city school and despite the fact that there were three other schools closer in proximity, I was bussed nearly eight miles away based on a Board of Education’s decision to […]

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What Were You Thinking?

Yesterday, while we were attempting to wash the twins up after dinner, I found our three-year old, Matthew, dumping out the trash. This was eventful and enjoyable for our dog, Stella, but not for Daddy. What are you thinking?! I honestly can’t remember if I yelled it aloud or not. As my anger subsided, I knew that this was an opportunity to teach my son. As I composed my emotions, I told him why we don’t dump out the trash and […]

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