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The Opinions of Others and The Curse of Approval

There’s a recurrent dream that has been lingering like an unwelcome guest at a coffee shop, interrupting my otherwise peaceful rest. It has haunted me for the past ten years, rearing its head, reminding me of my greatest weakness. For the longest time, uncertainty clouded my judgement as to what the dream actually meant. But years of quiet reflection have brought the nemesis from its hiding place and into the light. The dream taps into my teenage ambition of becoming a […]

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A Greater Hope for Our Nation

Over the past few months, I have given an excessive amount of energy toward calming my fears about the state of our nation. I began to look to politics and the upcoming Presidential race as my source of hope. Maybe if the “right” person was elected, it will solve the problem. The weight of this misplaced hope became an anchor in my life—like I was swimming with something tied around my neck, carrying around a burden that I couldn’t pinpoint. I’d find myself waking up each morning, […]

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Life in the Desert

A twenty-something friend reached out to me recently, just to talk. He had abandoned the idea of God in his late teen years after religious culture and hell-fire-and-brimstone left a bitter taste in his mouth. I can’t say I blame him for spitting it out. Now, after ten years of tasting all that life has to offer, he is weary—thirsty for something that life isn’t providing. Sure, he’s successful, and he’s a great guy. But he’s sinking. He’s in the midst of some […]

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A Reader Asked Me Three Very Difficult Questions. Here Are My Answers.

A listener named Annie sent me an email and asked me where everything at www.mattham.com began. Then she asked me three very challenging questions: What were your thoughts? What did you struggle with? What answers have you found? After giving it quite a bit of thought, I decided to answer those questions here. In fact, I would challenge each of you to ask yourself these questions. In essence, our thoughts, our struggles, and our perspectives are always leading us somewhere. […]

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“Pray for your Daughter”

Six years ago, my wife and I were weary from a two-year battle with infertility. A battle that left us resting on our own strength to start a family. A battle we were losing. The Enemy was ever-present, firing a barrage of attacks in an attempt to destroy our marriage. We were sinking and we were afraid. The world told us to give up. Like a boxer, battered from round upon round of relentless beatings, we contemplated throwing in the towel […]

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How to Help Others Take Action

Two years ago, I reached out to one of my inspirations, Andy Andrews, for advice on how to help others take action. He answered the question on his podcast, In the Loop. (You can listen to that episode here) Essentially, he told me, “Tell people the truth that is the truth and take massive action yourself.” What culminated from that advice was my book, Redefine Rich. Just this week, someone posted this photo to Facebook of their road-trip reading list. It […]

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Why Race?

The Wrightsville Beach Marathon was envisioned by local running coach, Tom Clifford in 2009. The race has since become a March staple here in Wilmington, North Carolina and is recognized as one of the best marathon and half-marathon events in the region drawing over two thousand participants from all walks of life to convene on our beautiful, coastal town. This year, I will do something uncharacteristic of myself: I will experience the event from the other side. Rather than participate, I will become a spectator. There’s something deeply […]

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