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Three People You Need in Your Life

I won’t sugar coat the fact that life is hard. There’s no denying that. But too often we try to control our circumstances to avoid the “hard”— like if we eat right or get on a budget, then life will be rainbows and unicorns. By sheer willpower and effectiveness we try  to push through our struggles with a fix-it-myself attitude. But curiously, that mentality has a way of isolating us, and before we know it, we end up alone, buried by our circumstances. But rather than […]

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Fellowship, Community, and College Football

Change is in the air. You can feel it. You can smell it. You can see it. And, if you listen closely, you can hear it. From stadiums across the country, the roar of a community gathered around its team has begun. Everyone is ready for this year’s action; it’s time for the kickoff. College Football is back. Like an announcement of the new season, this weekend will be a physical reminder of what is happening. As whistles blow, players […]

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Richness Thrives in Community

We define ourselves in community. Think about this with me. Ethnicity, Generation, Alma Mater, North, South, East Coast, West Coast, Vegetarian, Democrat, Republican… We love community and we constantly describe ourselves in this way. We wear our colors proudly and cheer for our proverbial team. Some communities are more intricate than others; some carry clearly divided lines whereas other’s borders may be slightly blurred. Regardless, we love community. This Community One year ago, I began referring to this blog with the phrase […]

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Overcoming the Noise

Noise. We live in a world full of the Noise. A constant hum of chatter runs rampant in our lives. Key strokes on a computer. Endless posts on our news feed. The complaints of our companions. Tweets and retweets. Car engines. Traffic. Airplanes. Cell phones. The Noise culminates in a blur and we respond in two ways: We add more Noise or We desperately try to escape it In the end, we’re consumed. Maybe we gain a few hours of […]

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I’m Inviting YOU to Make This A Year To Remember

Are you tired of every year being the same as the last?   Tired of watching the hope of January fade into the reality February?   As much as you’d hope to change, you end up back in the same routine. Well, we all love invitations and this month, I’m inviting YOU to join us! I’m engaging the process of “My One Word” as I dig into my word TRUST This month, I will be writing about trust, praying about trust, really […]

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