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The Cost of Success, Embracing Your Day Job, and Living Your Dreams

I moved into the room over the garage at my parent’s house when I was fifteen years old. Complete with its own bathroom and separate from the rest of the house, it felt like I was finally growing up. I was ready for high school, independence, and life on my own. Ten years later, as a broke salesman, my wife and I moved back into that same room over the garage. The real estate bubble had burst and left me […]

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Faith and Business: How Do We Bridge the Gap?

As an eighteen-year-old high school student, I was given the task of completing a senior project. It seemed like an insurmountable goal to culminate thirteen years of education and my personal ideals into a thesis paper, related product, and oral presentation. I titled my project “Faith in Business”, an attempt to highlight the idea that these concepts were not oil and water. I wanted to prove that contrary to cultural belief, faith and business were not only intertwined, they were mutually beneficial. Those who judged my efforts introduced common criticisms, making […]

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Lessons From a Millennial

I recently sat down to lunch with a millennial. I originally met this young man through a church mentoring program a few years ago. From day one, I’ve known that he was destined for great things. My intuition wasn’t far off. Less than a year out of college, he’s employed by the “Best Bank in America” according to American Banker Magazine and he’s already moving upward in a rapidly growing niche-lending environment. He invited me to join him at their in-house, […]

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The Problem With To-Do Lists

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a Monday. After a long weekend with the family, you’re back in the routine and it seems like a fresh reprieve from the responsibilities of parenthood. The familiar faces in your office look anything but exhilarated to be back at work. When you ask how they’re doing, they respond with a sarcastic, “another day in paradise.” Yet you muster up some inspiration and sit down at your desk to map out the day ahead. Your final […]

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Pursuing Your Dreams vs. Being a Good Spouse/Parent

On this edition of Monday Matters, we’re tackling a doozy! Last week, I received this question from Jim Woods – www.jimwoodswrites.com (Ya’ll go pay him a visit!) “Matt, the struggle between building a business/pursuing a dream and being a husband and parent is a topic I would love to see discussed.” I loved Jim’s question so much because it hit right at the core of my own experience. So many of us have our own pursuits as well as our […]

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