Surviving Saturday Devotionals

Surviving Saturday was conceived from my personal devotional time. These posts are my spiritual encouragement to you.

Why Saturday?

When our oldest son, MJ, turned two, the twins were nearly one, crawling everywhere. I was busy at work, closing out my best year yet. Life seemed great—to everyone else.

Weekends were packed full of responsibility and attempts to enjoy social engagements. This constant pursuit left me exhausted and – quite frankly – angry. In all honesty, I was just surviving.

Does your Saturday feel like this?

Does your Saturday feel like this?

There’s More to Life Than Just Surviving

The question, What about me?, often raced through my mind. Left to my own devices, not only was I just surviving, I was selfish. This wasn’t the person I wanted to be, so I became more cognizant about the source of my discontentment.

As I inventoried my priorities, I began to see I had stopped seeking wisdom; knowledge beyond myself.

My tank was empty.

I began digging back into God’s Word, where wisdom begins. Change didn’t happen immediately, but I will tell you this, hope came instantaneously. New nuggets of wisdom began to fuel my life.

I’m still incredibly busy, but I now have passion and hope. In turn, my life feels more purposeful and abundant. During that process, I began this series as a way to say, “Hey, I’m there too! Here’s what I learned this week; here’s the hope that I’m clinging to.”

In addition, I believe that you were made for more than just survival too.

Jesus said, in John 10:10

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

In achieving this fullness, we must fuel ourselves physically, emotionally, professionally, and, most of all, spiritually.

Rather than a sprint to an invisible finish line, let us use the weekend as a pit stop to refuel our soul.

Refuel. Refocus. Redefine.

You may step into Saturday beaten and bruised from a long week. Rather than be humbled by those circumstances, try being humbled by God’s presence and truth.


Welcome to Surviving Saturday!


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