Monday Matters

Welcome to Monday Matters

Monday Matters is about you and your stories.

I’m so excited about this concept and your feedback has been amazing.

Your questions, thoughts, and stories help us redefine what it means to be rich. They’re shared every Monday with the Live Richly Community.

If you would like to have a question featured, please leave it in the comments below or you can send it send it to me via email:

And stay tuned for my upcoming podcast, Redefine Rich.

A great week starts by making Monday matter!


01/13/2014 – Sharing My One Word – Tyson Borum and Amy Lanham

01/20/2014 – Pursing Dreams vs. Being a Good Parent/Spouse – Jim Woods

01/27/2014 – Are You Centered? – Liz Ham

02/03/2014 – Words From Your Father: Why Not You? – Russell Wilson

02/10/2014 – Abundant Courage – Deborah Sheneman

02/17/2014 – Monday Matters: Bring Bacon if Necessary – Ryan Eller of Live Your List

02/24/2014 –Message in a Post – Kristen Tucker

03/03/2014 – Choosing to be Grateful – The Peyton Fontenot Story – Sarah Fontenot

03/10/2014 – What’s the Point of this Anyway? A Story of Hope – Ginger

03/17/2014 – Why Race? – The Wrightsville Beach Quintilles Marathon

03/24/2014 – The Greg Sidden Story: Humbled With Confidence – Greg Sidden

05/05/2014 – Monday Matters: 7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Effectiveness – Joshua Rivers