“I Am Here: Becoming Unbroken”

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If you’ve had the opportunity to read the book, please leave a comment below! It will be extremely helpful as I prepare for the Amazon release in a couple of months.

Also, if you know of anyone who may benefit from the story, please share.

Thank you again for being a part of this journey with me!


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  • Wonderful. Really wonderful. And I’m certain it will resonate with many. Great job.

  • Matt, great read – we too had issues starting our family – blessed with the one we have due to other circumstances – and no more but still blessed. thanks for sharing your story. It is full of hope and that’s one thing we could all use a little, A LOT, more of.

  • Joanne Bush

    All I can say is WOW!!! There does not seem to be any way to go on with God, grabbing what He has without letting go of what we think will work best. Great read, Matt; Great Story…and I like the resolve of saying…I am here!

  • Linda Andres

    Matthew, I look forward to reading more. Every story has in it truths that can make other lives richer, as you point out it is the why we do what we do that makes all the difference. Peace to you as you move into this new stage in your life.
    I also relate to your feelings at your first son’s birth since my son was born with his cord wrapped around his neck AND a knot in the cord. The doctor said to us, “You are lucky. This is the third child I have birthed with a knot in the cord and the first one I have birthed alive.” Our son’s are true blessings in that they lived.

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  • Matt, just read your book and it truly touched me. It may seem so insignificant and at first I thought “Well, its not really my life” but something hit me right in the face. I suddenly felt connected to what you were writing about. And even though my journey had and is different I can see myself in yours. You have an amazing skill to reach people with the way you write. Thank you for sharing your gift. I once again feel encouraged to continue my path even though sometimes the voice of “giving up” is loud. I am here and stories like yours are an amazing encouragement. Again, thank you for sharing your gift with the world. God is using you in big ways.

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  • Jane Tuttle

    This short ebook packs a powerful punch! In the twenty pages “I am Here” I was taken from an ordinary life, to one with despair and disappointment, to one of renewed hope and keen insights. While I can’t personally relate to the notion of being broken, Matt’s shattered glass analogy was instructive. The phrase “God had to go there to get me here” is a somewhat reoccurring theme.

    Matt explores where is “here” and how does “here” define your life. It’s short and yet focused. Probably something Matt did not intend to model to the reader is the importance of journaling and keeping a record of where you’ve been, your “here.” Matt’s shows how an extraordinary life can be built by being present in the here.

    It’s more than a sweet story; it is a story of living beyond your wildest dreams. As he wrote “being rich had far more to do with my heart than it did with my wallet.” Take the 30 minutes to savor this first book from Matt and be ready for his next.

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