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A Story of Faith

For many, the Old Testament is a confusing and unrelated part of the gospel story. Nothing could be further from the truth. As many theologians have taught us, the Old Testament is but a shadow of things to come– full of amazing stories. Once you look beyond the ancient names and dialogue, there is incredible wisdom within. In 2 Kings 5, Elisha heals an army commander of leprosy, but seeks no repayment. He only requests that God be honored. Elisha’s servant thinks otherwise […]

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Three Challenges to Light up Your Life: #3 is My Purpose

Liz and I have a collective problem; one that is always entertaining to discuss. For years, friends and family have laughed over countless stories of our so-called condition. Talking in our sleep! The funniest part is that Liz and I BOTH share this problem. Liz’s only developed more recently; I guess that’s what having three kids within sixteen months does to you. There should have been a warning label: WARNING – you will go crazy and start talking about nonsense […]

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Elijah’s Whispers

My wife, Liz, painted a picture of Elijah on Mt. Carmel as my college graduation gift. It’s one of my greatest treasures and it hangs in my office today as a reminder of the immeasurable power of God. Elijah was a prophet in a time of turmoil–a time when God’s people had turned on Him with contempt. Although God had redeemed and delivered his people, they still turned away. They began to replace their eternal redeemer with temporal idols, something I’ve been fond […]

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