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Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones…

Having three boys I knew the day would come, I was just hoping it would be delayed. This weekend, my three-year-old son, Matthew, who I will affectionately call MJ, fell from the couch and broke his left arm just above the elbow. The experience was traumatic as it was the first time I had really seen him hurt. We’d dealt with bumps, bruises, viruses, and the occasional tantrum of an emotional overload, but never this. His response was one of […]

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It all starts with an idea…

My wife, Liz, came to me last week as I was getting ready for work and said, “I could totally see you being a speaker someday.” Her words floored me. Little did she know, I had been wrestling that idea in my head for weeks. This was the catalyst I needed. It was time for me to pay attention to what I was feeling in my heart. I grabbed an old, dusty journal, a high school graduation gift, and I […]

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