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The Opinions of Others and The Curse of Approval

There’s a recurrent dream that has been lingering like an unwelcome guest at a coffee shop, interrupting my otherwise peaceful rest. It has haunted me for the past ten years, rearing its head, reminding me of my greatest weakness. For the longest time, uncertainty clouded my judgement as to what the dream actually meant. But years of quiet reflection have brought the nemesis from its hiding place and into the light. The dream taps into my teenage ambition of becoming a […]

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Finding Peace and Contentment in the Midst of Life’s Most Challenging Circumstances

The past seven months have been the most challenging seven months in my five years of being a father. Constant illness has shrouded our family and tried to rob us of peace. Whether it’s the health and well-being of those you love, your financial situation, or something completely different, I hope this testimony will provide unshakable truth and unwavering hope despite your circumstances. Our struggles began in October, when our four-year-old twins had their tonsils and adenoids out due to recurrent hospitalizations […]

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I Wrote One Song That I Never Shared With Anyone, Until Now

Listen to this post on the latest episode of my podcast, Whole Life Matters, or read below. For future podcast episodes, you can subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Google Play Music. Why Are You Running? When I was in college, I developed a love for playing the guitar. Looking back, I’d say that pushing through the pain of callouses served me well. My guitar became a refuge, and a handy resource to pay the bills when I was going […]

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The Reality of Depression at Christmas

I’ve recently gained a deeper appreciation for the reality of depression. Whether it was my own naivety or just an unwillingness to get honest about its reality, I refused to go there. But the truth is, many people will spend this Christmas and the coming year in a battle with this ugly condition, fighting chemical imbalances in their brains that predispose them to feel a certain way. And I would never suggest that I have any answers, but I wanted to unpack a […]

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My Four-Year-Old Son Swallowed a Quarter

When God blessed us with three sons, I think He forgot to equip us with the nerves or patience we needed to actually be their parents. But in His own timing, He has gently reminded us to trust Him for those needs. In this case, we desperately needed Him. Earlier this week, as my wife was getting dinner ready, my four-year-old son, Wyatt, began choking. Almost immediately his gag reflex caused him to vomit, sending her into a panic. When I […]

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Three Things Star Wars Can Teach Us About Christianity

It’s not at all surprising that Disney chose to release the seventh installment of the Star Wars series, The Force Awakens, during the Christmas season. Sure this time of year is great for movie-goers, but I think the Christian narrative parallels the epic science fiction series more than you might imagine. So this weekend, as millions flock to theaters, here are a few similarities to consider. The Force A long time ago, in a village far, far away… When George Lucas originally […]

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Starbucks and the Holy Spirit

With the constant flood of negativity in our culture, it seems like our world is getting worse and worse. But I want to share a story with you to give you hope in both the power of the human spirit and God’s presence. *** I was in Charlotte, North Carolina getting ready to watch the Carolina Panthers take on the Washington Redskins. Early Sunday morning before the game, I was driving to meet my parents at their hotel when I had the urge to […]

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