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American Frankenstein

2016 has brought me to my knees. The news has been horrendous enough, but the subsequent fallout is what has broken me. Like many of my fellow citizens, I’m sadden by the state of our country and at the same time I’m puzzled. I find myself asking, “How did this happen?” As I survey the landscape, I can’t help but think that Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein, is unfolding before our eyes. We’re Dr. Victor Frankenstein, obsessed with bringing something to life to deal […]

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Why I Let My Kids Cheer For Cam Newton

My four-year old twins were given matching Cam Newton jerseys for their birthday last fall, and every day since then, they’ve woken up with eager expectation, “Are the Panthers playing today?” “No buddy, they play on Sunday,” I’ll reply. They frown for a moment, then they insist on watching highlights so that they can run around the house mimicking Cam Newton as they chant KEEP POUNDING. As a late Christmas present, my parents surprised all of us with tickets to the Panthers final home […]

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You Don’t Need Mark Zuckerberg’s Money to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

A clever hoax, supposedly validated by Good Morning America, circulated on Facebook recently: Mark Zuckerberg, the thirty-one-year old billionaire founder of the social media giant was giving away a reported $45 billion dollars to users who copied and pasted a status sharing the news. Hundreds of thousands flocked to see if it was true. It wasn’t. But humor me (and yourself) for a minute. Suppose it was true. Suppose you were the beneficiary of a million-dollar windfall. How would your life […]

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I am a Pastor

A man once approached me after a speaking engagement and asked, “So how long have you been a pastor?” “Oh, I’m not a pastor,” I quickly replied. I even threw in a chuckle as an attempt to further dismiss the absurdity of his suggestion. “You’re not?” He paused and tilted his head ever-so-slightly, locking his eyes with mine. “No, I’m not.” I repeated assertively. “Well,” he said with a smile, “keep listening.” That conversation has replayed like a broken record in my […]

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Nobody’s Guru

I remember a movie when I was growing up called, Nobody’s Fool. Although I haven’t seen it, I think it stars the guy whose picture is on the salad dressing bottle in the grocery store. That’s Paul Newman, right? I always confuse him with Robert Redford for some reason. Anyway, I thought about that title this week as my thumb was busy perusing my Twitter feed. I don’t have many followers on Twitter. Perhaps it’s because I don’t play the game […]

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America Needs More CEOs Like This Guy

The Story of the Anti-CEO There was once a CEO of a thriving, 100 million-dollar business. What began as a dream in a garage had grown into a national organization with more than a thousand employees. According to every economic, social, and professional metric, the CEO and the company were successful. As the business grew, the CEO found out that one of his employees had a daughter who was battling cancer. Upon learning the devastating news, he insisted that his […]

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The Best Leadership Advice for Every Leader

Leadership is a buzzword that is often coupled with catchy phrases and trendy ideas. But in a sea of experts, our culture seems to be drowning. Am I being too harsh? Maybe so. There are some great leaders, but take a minute and answer this question: Who are the great leaders of our time? Popular culture dominates so much of the mainstream today that it’s often mistaken for leadership. That’s a dangerous correlation to make because some of the greatest leaders […]

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