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A Mom of Four and Her Road to Recovery

My wife, Liz, is an amazing mom to our four children. We’ve walked through a challenging season with her health that has proven to be both humbling and empowering. As you read her story, we hope it will be both humbling and empowering for you as well. In the fall of 2011, I gave birth to identical twins boys. Despite being born six-weeks early, each weighed six pounds. I knew that pregnancy had done a number on my body, but […]

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Are You Pitching a Tent or Building a Tower?

Today’s post is a guest post in the Monday Matters series from my friend, author, speaker, and philosopher, Tom Morris. A movie started playing in my head nearly four years ago. I rushed to my computer and began to write down everything I saw and heard. The movie so far has become eight novels, not yet shown to publishers. I wanted to share today a brief passage from one of them that I was just editing this week. It’s part of a conversation […]

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Learning From My Cancer

My scar is beginning to heal, my staples have been removed, and I am starting to get back to life. A new life, one that has cancer forever written on its medical chart. Just this week, I had a tearful conversation with a physicians assistant who just lost a thirty-something to the exact same diagnosis. A constant reminder of the grace I have been shown. I went swimming for the first time last week and actually went for my first […]

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Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

So there was this one time that I decided to cover a ridiculously awesome acoustic version of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose at an open mic in a smoke-filled biker bar… (Dramatic pause) Jeff Goins was gracious enough to allow me to tell the full story on his site. More importantly, what that experience has taught me as a writer. What a huge privilege to share at as Jeff  is a well-known and respected author, blogger, creative consultant, and speaker. I’d really appreciate it if […]

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Dreams Don’t Start On Stage

So there was this one time when I got on stage and played guitar with Edwin McCain… And there was this one time that I guest posted for Jon Acuff… Very excited to share both with you today. Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author and blogging pro, has given me the opportunity to tell you about the time I played guitar with Edwin McCain and a few things I learned. I’d love for you to check it out. In […]

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Monday Matters: 7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Effectiveness

When I was playing baseball in high school, our coach had a saying which he called the five P’s “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” We live in a busy world with myriad expectations and requirements thrown our way.  I am a husband, father, business owner, writer, small group leader, friend, and the list goes on. My time is always full and it requires planning to make sure that I am as efficient as possible. I’ve invited a friend, Joshua Rivers, along today to give […]

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A Vision of God

This is a guest post from another Matt, Matt McWilliams. Matt is a world changer. Not in an arrogant kind of way, though. He believes we all are. He writes about changing the world through entrepreneurship, leadership, parenting, and more at I am a visual learner. God knows that. Every important message I’ve ever received from God has been in the form of a vision. Every so often, I have an intense, completely life-like vision that changes things. For […]

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