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A Town Called Comfortable

Far away, on the other side of living, is a town called Comfortable. Over rivers and beyond canyons, it rests, tucked perfectly amid the mountains. It’s a beautiful town, rather common in its appearance, but enjoyable nonetheless. Honestly, most people didn’t even know it was their destination; they were simply traveling their road. Years before, their journey had begun with ambition and passion. Excitement filled their veins as they were fueled by their dreams. Hope was their guide and Faith their compass. But like […]

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The Country Store – A Short Story

Stephen came to an intersection. A seemingly wrong turn had landed him here. He was off course – the course he intended to take anyway – and all he could think about was the time he was losing. Anxiety began to swell within him as he was itching to get back on track. He hated wrong turns and now he was lost. They’re an odd thing really, wrong turns that is. Slight misjudgments that land you somewhere unintended. Our natural reaction is […]

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