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Nobody’s Guru

I remember a movie when I was growing up called, Nobody’s Fool. Although I haven’t seen it, I think it stars the guy whose picture is on the salad dressing bottle in the grocery store. That’s Paul Newman, right? I always confuse him with Robert Redford for some reason. Anyway, I thought about that title this week as my thumb was busy perusing my Twitter feed. I don’t have many followers on Twitter. Perhaps it’s because I don’t play the game […]

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America Needs More CEOs Like This Guy

The Story of the Anti-CEO There was once a CEO of a thriving, 100 million-dollar business. What began as a dream in a garage had grown into a national organization with more than a thousand employees. According to every economic, social, and professional metric, the CEO and the company were successful. As the business grew, the CEO found out that one of his employees had a daughter who was battling cancer. Upon learning the devastating news, he insisted that his […]

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If You Hate Your Job…

I hate my job.  I hear those words far too often. Well, maybe not those exact words, but the general attitude of angst toward work is extremely prevalent. And as that attitude begins to take root, it crosses the boundary and erodes our personal lives as well. If you feel that way about your job, you’ll begin to feel that way about your life. On the other hand, many people accept the myth that professional success will automatically leak over into […]

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