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Dear Christians, Stop Arguing About The Shack

I didn’t read The Shack until ten years after it was originally published. I figured that a book depicting God as an older black woman was either heretical or just too weird for me to digest. But then, I watched an interview with the author. He was gentle, humble, and he pointed me toward God. After listening to him tell his story, I was compelled to read. Paul Young chose the daunting task of writing a letter in an attempt to explain his life’s […]

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The Power of a RICH Life

The word rich is a cornerstone word in American culture. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are in our blood. But somewhere along the way, our pursuits have become tarnished with a narrow view of wealth. We have learned to believe that being rich only has to do with money. Here’s a news flash: big houses, fancy cars, and extravagant tastes don’t make you rich. Some of the poorest people in the world are those whose bank accounts are full, but their hearts are empty. I was […]

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I Finally Realized Why I Wrote My Book

Writing a book is hard. Writing a book that people want to read, now that is an ominous challenge. I suppose that’s why so many people never follow through with it and why so many books get lost in self-published purgatory. Calling myself an author, now that’s just downright absurd to me–mainly because I should have never written a book. And I don’t say that lightly–some tongue-in-cheek comment for the purposes of dramatizing the issue–I truly mean it. In the […]

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A Special Week for Redefine Rich

This week is a very important week for everything at and Redefine Rich. It was eight years ago this week that I overheard five words whispered to my Aunt Trish the night before she passed away. Those words, “You make my life rich”, have gone on to inspire this message and challenge thousands of people to question: Am I living a rich life? My emotions are a mix of sadness and sorrow as I remember the life of my aunt, […]

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Getting Your Ducks In A Row

There’s one thing that sabotages my dreams, our dreams. It’s a great excuse that often disguises itself as a legitimate culprit, but it’s a lie. Here’s a hint: it’s not financial, it’s not circumstantial, it’s not experiential, and it’s not age-related. While all of those things can and do come into play, they’re not the reason for your dream remaining, well, just a dream. And if you’re not careful, this one thing may just keep your dreams paralyzed for life. But […]

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Your Rich Life

Listen to this episode on the podcast What do you want most in life?  Have you ever really given that any thought? Is it Love? Is it Hope? Purpose? Inspiration? Meaning? On the surface, the question is rather ominous, but getting there may not be as difficult as you think. If you’ve been walking with us any length of time, I would hope that you’re beginning to understand that life’s deepest desire is for richness. Call it what you will […]

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My First Book: Redefine Rich

Fourteen months ago, it began with a feeling, a calling to write. Since that time, I have been amazed by the journey it has taken me on. Yet, amidst life with three kids, a full-time job, countless decisions, early mornings, ups and downs, and a cancer diagnosis, these words have continued. Who would have thought that five whispered words, You make my life rich, would spark such an incredible adventure? This adventure and newfound perspective is the story that I […]

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