The Godfather and a water hose?

When you see ‘Godfather’ you get this image of Marlon Brando or Al Pacino in a strong italian accent saying, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” What a great movie! Certainly not for the faint at heart, but amazing acting and an amazing story of mafia life.  Any list worth its weight will have it as one of the top 10 of all-time.  But you see, for me, that concept of godfather wasn’t even part of my […]

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Baseball and Bimini: Making Right Decisions

Baseball was a way of life. Between my brother and I playing, Mom running the concession stand, and Dad coaching and umpiring, Winter Park Optimist was our second home. I can still hear the cheers from the sidelines, smell the freshly cut grass, and taste the sweat mixed with red clay. For the first eighteen years of my life, baseball was my identity. It was what I loved. You see, my dad was a great athlete growing up, but through a rare […]

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Stand Alone

As if Middle School isn’t Awkward Enough At eleven years old you’re faced with enough change in your life, the last thing you want is more. However, in addition to the internal challenges, I faced an ominous set of external challenges as I embarked into middle school. D.C. Virgo was a revamped inner city school and despite the fact that there were three other schools closer in proximity, I was bussed nearly eight miles away based on a Board of Education’s decision to […]

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What Were You Thinking?

Yesterday, while we were attempting to wash the twins up after dinner, I found our three-year old, Matthew, dumping out the trash. This was eventful and enjoyable for our dog, Stella, but not for Daddy. What are you thinking?! I honestly can’t remember if I yelled it aloud or not. As my anger subsided, I knew that this was an opportunity to teach my son. As I composed my emotions, I told him why we don’t dump out the trash and […]

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How to Become Rich

Trisha was a dreamer.  She chose to look at all that life could be and celebrated the special moments.  She met people and ideas with excitement. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she dreamed big. Outside of her husband, she wasn’t going to tell anyone and cancer certainly wasn’t going to stop her. In fact, her 38th visit to Disney World, the year she was diagnosed, held the same excitement as her first. It wasn’t until Christmas that year […]

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Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones…

Having three boys I knew the day would come, I was just hoping it would be delayed. This weekend, my three-year-old son, Matthew, who I will affectionately call MJ, fell from the couch and broke his left arm just above the elbow. The experience was traumatic as it was the first time I had really seen him hurt. We’d dealt with bumps, bruises, viruses, and the occasional tantrum of an emotional overload, but never this. His response was one of […]

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It all starts with an idea…

My wife, Liz, came to me last week as I was getting ready for work and said, “I could totally see you being a speaker someday.” Her words floored me. Little did she know, I had been wrestling that idea in my head for weeks. Her words were the catalyst I needed. It was time for me to pay attention to what I was feeling in my heart. I grabbed an old, dusty journal, a high school graduation gift, and I […]

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