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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Aren’t The Devil

The reality we face, barring a last-minute Hail Mary, is that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the forty-fifth President of the United States. And my fellow Americans are up in arms. The establishment is threatening a forced takeover, riots are breaking out across our country, and evangelical Christians are taunting it as the beginning of Armageddon. Even earlier this week, I saw two different individuals refer to our soon-to-be President(s) as the devil. Within the incessant hum of […]

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What’s Keeping You From Fighting Your Giant?

This weekend, I had the privilege to speak alongside an amazing group of people at the LaunchOut Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a video of the talk: As I prepared, I felt that God was telling me to go to the story of David and Goliath, and He reminded me that all of us have an epic adventure to live. (1 Samuel 17) The problem is that most of us become comfortable, scared, or distracted along the way. In the […]

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The Marriage Manifesto

It has become a tradition for me to write a marriage manifesto every year on our anniversary. Two years ago, I wrote about the tendency for us to fight with each other when we should be fighting for each other. Last year, I brought forth this notion that marriage is under attack. Not just corporately, but individually as well. Today, on the eve of our eleventh anniversary, I stand among the wreckage of life with four kids: constant noise, scattered toys, […]

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I Wrote One Song That I Never Shared With Anyone, Until Now

Listen to this post on the latest episode of my podcast, Whole Life Matters, or read below. For future podcast episodes, you can subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Google Play Music. Why Are You Running? When I was in college, I developed a love for playing the guitar. Looking back, I’d say that pushing through the pain of callouses served me well. My guitar became a refuge, and a handy resource to pay the bills when I was going […]

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An Open Letter to Dan Schulman and PayPal from a North Carolina Customer

Dear Mr. Schulman and PayPal, My name is Matt Ham and I am a loyal PayPal customer. In 2015, I completed nearly $20,000 in transactions using your company’s services. However, I was concerned when I recently read that you were canceling a $3.6M expansion initiative that would bring 400 jobs to my home state of North Carolina based on your disagreement with a recent bill passed by our legislature. You’re quoted as having said, “The new law perpetuates discrimination and it […]

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Not a Bigot

There’s something about the word, bigot, that I don’t particularly care for. It’s an ugly word—a word filled with hate to describe those who hate. But it’s oxymoronic if you think about it. Aren’t those who accuse others of bigotry, in fact, living examples of the definition? Intolerance, even of the intolerant, is still intolerance, right? Quite plainly, I’m not a bigot. But for some reason, it has become common-place for our culture to respond to any type of opposition with […]

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