The Business of Investing

Today, I had the honor to guest post for my friend, Scott Friend, on his site The Business of Relationships. I talk about the importance of relationships in our lives.

I wanted you guys to check out his site because I think Scott is up to some pretty cool stuff. So, I decided to talk about it on the podcast AND I share some exciting news about something new on the horizon. 

Psst – it has to do with my book, Redefine Rich.

Click here –> The Business of Relationships: The Business of Investing

Listen to the podcast below:

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Here’s the link to David Mike’s blog

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  • Scott Friend

    Thanks for sharing this, Matt! So happy to have you write for the site!

  • David Mike

    Matt, I am honored that you mentioned my story in this episode! Thank you so much! I hope someone is touched by it.