Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

So there was this one time that I decided to cover a ridiculously awesome acoustic version of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose at an open mic in a smoke-filled biker bar…

(Dramatic pause)

Jeff Goins was gracious enough to allow me to tell the full story on his site. More importantly, what that experience has taught me as a writer. What a huge privilege to share at as Jeff  is a well-known and respected author, blogger, creative consultant, and speaker.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys went to his site to check it out (link below). Leave a comment over there and let me know what you think. The Live Richly Community is awesome like that!

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes: Cutting Your Art Loose



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  • Good to “meet” you, Sir. Glad to come here to visit from Mr. Jeff Goins’ blog. All the best on your blogging and art-sharing exploits.

    • Arlen, likewise! What art are you in the business of creating?

      • Thanks for the question, Mr. Matt. I am doing print and web design and writing for day work. Moving in the direction of more writing, content creating, storytelling.

        Blessings on your personal ministry.

  • Matt,
    Enjoyed your post over at Jeff Goins, so I commented there and stopped by here. Your content is similar to some of mine at Love your tagline, Live Richly. You’d probably enjoy, if you haven’t already. They share a similar message. Looks like I found another blog to follow! Thanks.

    • John – thanks so much for connecting and I appreciate the links! I’ll check them out! Appreciate you stopping by –

  • David Mike

    Great post! I am just learning to write. I tried a couple different types of blog posts at first. The story of my life it seems to be the one that most people want to hear about. I have decided to continue with that story before I try anything else. I’m a throw an additional one every once in awhile just to keep up the skill of writing other types of material.

    • David – people love authenticity, it’s what they connect with. And, your story is AMAZING!