A Town Called Comfortable

Far away, on the other side of living, is a town called Comfortable. Over rivers and beyond canyons, it rests, tucked perfectly amid the mountains. It’s a beautiful town, rather common in its appearance, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Honestly, most people didn’t even know it was their destination; they were simply traveling their road. Years before, their journey had begun with ambition and passion. Excitement filled their veins as they were fueled by their dreams. Hope was their guide and Faith their compass. But like any road to great lands, their journey was filled with hardship. With hardship came struggle and with struggle, a slow fading of passion. They troubled and toiled to continue their journey, but as time continued its feverish pace, it seemed as if their journey was in vain.

Journeys and dreams take a lot out of you, you know.

Then, in the midst of their pursuit, they stumbled upon Comfortable. It rests on a long stretch of road that takes years to traverse–its setting is inviting as the mountains rise above the horizon, both to the east and to the west. It seems a welcoming reprieve for their tired, discouraged soul.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the town. The road that leads you in crests the top of the mountain and as you look around, you can’t help but bask in the beauty. The wonder and excitement of the mountaintop gave me a thrill that this weary traveler needed. I could see for miles as my perspective was greater than ever before.

For a moment, I looked back on the road I’d traveled, the rivers I’d crossed and I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I deserved comfortable.

It gave me the overwhelming feeling that I’d arrived, maybe my journey had been worthwhile. The road sign assured me:

Comfortable 5 miles ahead

As I coasted into town for the first time, I remember feeling like I was on a roller coaster. The downhill drive into town was thrilling as I recall the road being steeper than any I had ever ridden. The rush of the wind in my hair and the whistling of the decent created a calming sensation through my body. With the town below, I smiled as I thought, I’m finally here.

As I settled, I noticed that the folks who lived there were generally quiet, carrying out their days in a very careless way. I imagined that it took most of them a long time to get there, they deserved to rest and enjoy this sleepy little town; as did I.

However, after some time, I noticed that the wonder of the mountaintop decent had faded into an average-at-best existence.

It didn’t seem exciting–far from the journey I’d set out to take.

That adventure was larger than life. Those dreams were big.

Comfortable seemed a bit…insignificant.

In all honesty, Comfortable became common.

And then I noticed the folks around me–those who resided here. They weren’t unhappy, but they didn’t quite seem happy either. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. There were moments of excitement and joy, but in the end, it felt very plain. Regardless, people kept flooding into town day by day. I would sit and watch their faces as the exhilaration of the decent faded into the mundane.

Before long, the streets became crowded with bland passer-bys and everyone was less inclined to speak. Conversations were few and far between and I started to realize that we were simply existing.

One day, I grew so tired of the crowded streets in downtown Comfortable, that I tried to leave. Not for good, I just wanted to see the view again, to feel the rush of the mountaintop and to see the view beyond. Refresh my soul.

As I began my ascent, I noticed that the road was steep, much steeper than my recollection afforded me. I was reminded of the decent a few years before when I first arrived. What was a fantastic journey in, became an uphill road that was nearly impassable on the way out.

I tried another route. The same fate awaited me.

After traveling nearly every road in town, I realized that I couldn’t make it out, Comfortable was stuck between two mountains.

I began asking around town to see if anyone knew of a way out, but everyone avoided the conversation.

“Took us a long time to get here; might as well enjoy it.”

“Could be a lot worse you know; you should be thankful.”

“You want to leave?”

Everyone seemed stuck–isolated–in this town called Comfortable.

Everyone except me.

I rekindled my passion, my excitement from years before. The commonness of Comfortable would quite them no longer. I couldn’t ignore this longing within.

I longed for the journey.

I was created for significance.

I hoped to see the views again.

I was ready to climb a mountain.

I’m here today to tell you that I climbed my way out of Comfortable. Although it seemed like the destination I set out for, I implore you, don’t settle for its common confines. The trek out wasn’t easy and one of the toughest things I’ve had to do. It was a grueling climb filled with doubt and fear. In the end, I refused to remain…comfortable. Someday I will tell that story, but not today.

Today, I must tell you: Don’t become lured by the appeal of Comfortable. It’s a common place full of impoverished souls who have lost the flare for life.

Comfortable may seem inviting, but it doesn’t tell a story.

You were created for more–an amazing story, rich in experiences, that you will begin crafting, today.


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  • How did you know Matt? Have you been watching me? A very unique and uncomfortable journey to comfortable. I expect I will be leaving town next year as my company has announced an IPO so you never know exactly how that is going to play out until it does.

    Thanks for making me uncomfortable.

    • Stan! Keep climbing that mountain man!

  • Good stuff – really enjoyed the imagery you placed inside the post!

    • Thanks David – I appreciate the read and the feedback!

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  • Curiouser Editing

    Wow! Is it an allegory? It definitely reads like one. This would be a very interesting read.

  • Love it. I’ll add two thoughts that came to my mind if you’re going to expand it into a novel – (1) perhaps that once you’re in Comfortable the mountaintops surrounding the town are shrouded in a constant cloud (which you didn’t notice on your way into town) – One can lose sight of the heavens or not even bother to look up after awhile and (2) you could grow some great characters in Comfortable. A group of friends that seem to think the way you do and when you finally make your way out, one or more of them that you have gotten us to love back out (so our hearts break for them) and several come with you – supporters – cheerers (like us!) Because you can pretty much do anything with a team. Go write it Matt – it’ll be great.

    • JMA Web Consulting

      Thanks for that input, Felecia! I’ll have to do some developing 🙂