Be A Name Caller: A Guide To Investing

As we continue with ideas and insight to living richly, a life abounding in desirable qualities, it is essential to understand the importance of investing.  We must invest.  In order to maintain financial riches, the concept of investing is neccessary.  The same holds true for OUR quest for personal richness.   However, when seeking to live richly, we must invest in others.  Much like financial investing yields compound interest, investing in people yields compound opportunity!

Calling By Name

One of the most simple practices I can think of is calling people by name.  We live in a crazy, busy world where we encounter and interact with so many people throughout the course of our day.  Additionally, the technological age we live in creates a chasm between person to person interaction.  This is why it is terribly important to invest in people by calling them by name!

I have a great friend named Larry who is the champion of name calling!  And I mean, he ALWAYS calls people by their name.  I LOVE eating lunch with him, especially at a restaurant he frequents.  It is amazing that every server will always come and speak to him.  He encourages me by this simple action and his life reflects blessings as he invests in others.

What kind of service do you think he gets?  THE BEST, PERIOD!

How many people do you encounter daily that you don’t call by name?  When I go to Starbucks or Panera, I always ask my servers their name.  Not only does it make their day, it makes my experience more personal.  Colleen and Laurie help me at Panera – Steve and Jenn at Starbucks – who helps you?

Compound Opportunity

You don’t invest in people for the opportunities it provides.  You invest in people because it brings you your greatest joy.  We find joy in giving back.  Ebenezer Scrooge hoarded and was miserable.  Keep taking and hoarding and you’ll be miserable too; don’t be a Scrooge!

As you continue on your journey to living richly, you will find, that as you invest in people, opportunities will abound.  Opportunities to help, opportunities to serve, opportunities to grow!  Additionally, you will find opportunities to expand financially, personally professionally.  Investing yields results!

Be Yasa

My wife and I were on a cruise this Spring and I was amazed at the servers onboard. Most of them were from the Philippines.  One server in particular, moved my heart.  Yasa was 31; a father of 3 working 10 months onboard the cruise ship to support his family back home.  His wife and 3 kids lived with his in-laws and his income from serving is what fed their family.  I have never met a more joyful person in my life.  He was a blessing as he served.  He challenged me to my core to live a life of gratitude and a life spent investing in others.

Be Yasa – invest in others – call them by name – be a blessing – opportunities will abound!

How are you investing in others?  Do your actions show a grateful heart?


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