It all starts with an idea…

My wife, Liz, came to me last week as I was getting ready for work and said, “I could totally see you being a speaker someday.”

Her words floored me.

Little did she know, I had been wrestling that idea in my head for weeks. Her words were the catalyst I needed. It was time for me to pay attention to what I was feeling in my heart.

I grabbed an old, dusty journal, a high school graduation gift, and I penned these three words at the bottom of the page:

I am here

Those words were a recognition that the culmination of my past experiences had all led me to this point. Just as decisions have shaped my past, decisions will the shape my future. Today, I step confidently in that direction.

The truth is, I have always found my greatest joy when I’ve had the opportunity to help others. It is my heart’s passion.

As I started to connect the dots, I began to feel a calling. What if this is what I was created for?

I’ve heard it said that when your passion meets your strengths, you’ve found your calling. I want to test and see if that is true.

It all starts with an idea...

It all starts with an idea…

Thirteen years ago, I was asked to give my testimony at church after a mission trip to the Bahamas. After I shard those words at church, I began to feel a whisper—a longing to tell a story.

Since then, I’ve had numerous occasions to speak in a variety of settings. Regardless if it was a business setting or a more intimate, personal setting, I have been met with encouragement. People kept telling me I needed to speak. I always responded kindly and shrugged off the idea because I was sure no one would care to listen. In fact, I wondered if I even had a story to tell.

I will listen to those voices no longer.

I will listen to the voice that says:

Don’t doubt your heart, don’t doubt your story, don’t doubt Me

Trusting the Inner Voice

As I was writing in my journal, I flipped through the pages, covered with dust from its lack of use, and recognized moments that were unique. Although the pages skip days, weeks, and even years, they consistently confirm a truth.

My heart has been calling me for years.

I have an overwhelming feeling to listen intently to what my soul is saying. I feel urged to respond. The demands of three small children and a business to run provide plenty of excuses—excuses I will no longer listen to.

After feeling this longing, I met with my good friend, Tom Morris. Tom is a published author twenty times over and has been speaking to organizations for more than twenty years on concepts of success and personal achievement. Our conversation was full of wisdom and insight.

In short, he looked right at me and said, “Matt, don’t let what is good keep you from what is great. You need to start writing.”

“About what?” I sheepishly replied.

“Grab a pen, it will come to you.”

This blog is a step in faith to trust the words that Tom shared with me.

I am going to write.

I will put pen to paper, or keys to a screen in my case, and see what happens. You are reading the product of my first step. I am making the choice to listen to what I feel is a calling on my heart.

My prayer is that it, in some way, encourages you. I’m not exactly sure how, but that is my hope.

My destiny is certain, so I will act with a decided heart. I choose to take steps in that direction with gratitude and a smile on my face.

Should you care to join, I’d love the company.


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