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What Story is Your Life Telling?

In the midst of personal struggles, professional tension, and spiritual uncertainty, your life is telling an amazing story.
Although you might not be able to see it, my goal is to help you understand that story better as a way to cultivate wholeness in your own life.

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The Death of American Christian Men

American Christian men are dying a slow death. Like a caged lion, we were once the pride of the wild, but the captivity of prosperity has stolen our hope. We are on display for all to see, yet we’re utterly alone. We no longer roar. Instead, we grumble under our breath. And we’ve forgotten the thrill of the hunt for real substance because our food is prepared for us in easily digestible portions. We lay silent with our face pressed against […]

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The Long Road to Social Justice and the Hope for Real Change

In light of the recent social and cultural issues, my spirit has become deeply troubled. One of the most convicting things I have felt and seen in recent months is our general willingness to quote Jesus in spite of our unwillingness to actually emulate Him in the world. It’s like we’re holding up a “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR” sign while refusing to recognize that everyone is our neighbor. In a culture that finds Christianity difficult to believe, this makes it utterly unbelievable. As a result, […]

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The State of Your Union

I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings, and read through the trending news on Facebook. Now I’m not sure how accurate it is given that Facebook controls who sees what, but these are the headlines I saw: SNOOP DOGG: DONALD TRUMP A RECKLESS MOTHER______ POKEMON GO REALLY DISTRACTS DRIVERS As I read through, it really begged the question: “Don’t we have better things to talk about?” Have we really resorted to chasing invisible creatures in our cars with our […]

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Faith in Business

As a senior in high school, I was given the task of completing a senior project. To an eighteen-year-old kid, it seemed like an insurmountable goal that was the culmination of thirteen years of education. Intended as a preparatory work for college, the senior project is supposed to represent your personal ideals and incorporate your education into a thesis paper, related product, and oral presentation. My project was titled “Faith in Business”, an attempt to show that, contrary to cultural belief, these concepts were […]

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    Can we reconcile our longing for richness to include a deeper, more well-rounded life?

    While on a search for his own identity, Matt encountered amazing stories of people daring to live rich lives in the face of insurmountable adversity. Through the lens of story, Matt shares these principles in a personal and memorable narrative that radiates hope.