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The Role of a Father

It’s 5:30am and my daughter is sitting in a swing next to me on the floor. She’s just learned how to touch her tongue to her upper lip and it fascinates her. It’s so stinking cute. Her clear, blue eyes cut me to my core and I feel a sense of gratitude that is inexpressible. When Sara James was born earlier this year, it rekindled something within me that seemed to have been lost in the challenges of parenting. While my […]

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What’s Your Praise-to-Criticism Ratio?

Last week, in the midst of trying to get four kids to bed, I noticed that my wife and I exchanged three or four negative comments without even paying attention to the impact it had on an already chaotic situation. It caused us to become highly emotional and it sent the kids into a similar state. In that moment, an incredibly convicting thought emerged: If we tracked everything we said, everything we heard, and everything we saw in any given day, what […]

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Lay Down Your Stones

Some mornings, I sit on my front porch underneath the towering oaks and listen to the songs on the birds. I casually sip my coffee and read from God’s word, letting it sink beneath the surface and settle somewhere within. While the world moves at a feverish pace, there’s a peaceful stillness in those moments that nourishes my soul. Then, I scroll through my news feed and the peace seems to dissipate. The birds’ chorus fades into a bitter backlash of […]

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Peace and Contentment in the Midst of Life’s Most Challenging Circumstances

The past seven months have been the most challenging seven months in my five years of being a father. Constant illness has shrouded our family. Whether it’s the health and well-being of those you love, your financial situation, or something completely different, I hope this testimony will provide unshakable truth and unwavering hope despite your circumstances. Our struggles began in October, when our four-year-old twins had their tonsils and adenoids out due to recurrent hospitalizations for issues with wheezing. The ten days […]

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