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What Story is Your Life Telling?

In the midst of personal struggles, professional tension, and spiritual uncertainty, your life is telling an amazing story.
Although you might not be able to see it, my goal is to help you understand that story better as a way to cultivate wholeness in your own life.

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We Raise Our Kids to Leave

When my son, Matthew, was born, my best friend sent me a song by Brad Paisley called, “Anything Like Me” along with a note that said, “Congrats, Senior.” The song tells the story of a dad who finds out that his first child is going to be a boy, to which his first thought is, “Heaven help him if he’s anything like me.” I would sit there and listen to that song on repeat, tears streaming down my face, as I […]

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Our Daily Bread

Over the past few years, I’ve had quite a few encounters like the one I’m about to share with you. I’ve come to appreciate them now because God’s either trying to get my attention or giving me an opportunity to learn something about myself that I’m otherwise unwilling to accept. In this case, I think it may have been both. ◊♦◊ I met Cody yesterday. As I was walking into a lunch meeting at Panera Bread, I heard a soft […]

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Our Longing for Home

It’s not often that we hear from God. And when we do, it’s taboo to share it with anyone else. On one hand, it makes you seem weird and your motives questionable. On the other hand, it makes you seem self-righteous and certain. Your assessment of this story is your own. I simply have to share what I experienced. My hope is that you will take a minute and find these thoughts encouraging as you take that uncomfortable step of […]

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Overcoming the Opinions of Others

There’s a recurrent dream that has been lingering like an unwelcome guest at a coffee shop, interrupting my otherwise peaceful rest. It has haunted me for the past ten years, rearing its head, reminding me of my greatest weakness. For the longest time, uncertainty clouded my judgement as to what the dream actually meant. But years of quiet reflection have brought the nemesis from its hiding place and into the light. The dream taps into my teenage ambition of becoming a […]

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    an Amazon Best-Seller

    Can we reconcile our longing for richness to include a deeper, more well-rounded life?

    While on a search for his own identity, Matt encountered amazing stories of people daring to live rich lives in the face of insurmountable adversity. Through the lens of story, Matt shares these principles in a personal and memorable narrative that radiates hope.